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Coumadin Clinic

South Carolina Heart Center Anticoagulation Clinic is an outpatient specialty clinic that helps patients safely manage their anticoagulation medications, including Warfarin sodium (Coumadin), and increase the amount of time their blood tests (INR) remain in the appropriate range. In recent years, studies have shown that patients who are managed by Anticoagulation Clinics experience fewer incidences of bleeding and harmful clot formations, as well as fewer hospital visits resulting from these complications.

Our team manages multiple conditions that require the use of short-term or long-term anticoagulants - including those with atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves, or those who have had deep vein thrombosis, a pulmonary embolism or other forms of blood clots.

Comprehensive 1-on-1 Approach

  • Regular assessment of INR values, medication and lifestyle changes; evaluation of patient needs
  • Lab testing (simple finger-stick technology)
  • Results available immediately so that dosage can be adjusted if needed.

Patient/Family Education

  • Ongoing education and support to help patients and their families manage changes in diet, medications and other factors or medical conditions that can affect anticoagulation therapy.

Assessing/Managing Withdrawal Risks

  • Specialized tools and expertise to manage patients who require withdrawal from their oral anticoagulation and need low molecular weight bridging for procedures and surgery.

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